Management & Organization

Management and organizational design transform alongside human evolution.  Our pre-historic selves were focused on very basic needs, then cognitive needs, and now our modern selves seek self-actualization and transcendence (Maslow, 1943). Human consciousness evolved from an archaic, instinctual, state of survival, to power gods where the strong succeed and the weak serve, to a scientific, pragmatic, truth seeking state, and ultimately to the sensitive being who believe in community and the relationship between all human beings, and there is a common purpose (Wilber, 2017).  “Throughout history, the types of organizations we have invented were tied to the prevailing worldview and consciousness” from early mankind’s family kinships to more modern accountable meritocracies to the latest evolution of organizations where empowerment and decentralization thrive within a networked organization that expresses an inspirational purpose and exemplifies a values-driven culture (Laloux, 2014).