Intentions Network

Harness Energy with Intention




Thoughts are Energy

If you knew that your every one of your thoughts impacted your wellbeing and the wellbeing of others in your family, team, community, or world, would you think and act differently?


Be Intentional and Manifest

The manifestation of intentions directly correlates to your commitment to be intentional.  Consistently setting and sending intentions enhances your physical and mental energy.


Intentions are Powerful

“Intention is not wishful thinking in abstract.  Like an arrow flying toward a target, intention is clear, specific, and has the power of commitment behind it” (Bloch, 2013)


True Potential Within

Practice intention.  Make sending positive intentions part of your daily routine.  Every thought we manifest is broadcast to the connected universe impacting others and ourselves.  Start by writing or drawing your simple, specific intention.  Then flood your entire self (use all five senses) with the manifestation of your intention.  Send your intention to the universe with loving kindness.  With time and practice the energy you create and emit by consistently sending positive intentions will become stronger and more effective, just like your muscles become stronger when you regularly exercise. 


Join the Community

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