Intentions Network

If you knew your very thoughts profoundly impacted yourself and other human beings, would you think differently? 

Intentions are concentrated energy waves with the power to positively impact human performance, innovation, health, and wellness.  Intentions are clear, specific, and resolute. Interconnected energy manifests universal consciousness. We are all actors in the interconnected network of energy and intention. Today we live, tomorrow we can thrive within the Intentions Network.

The Genesis

“Everything and everyone in the universe are comprised of energy and particles; therefore we are profoundly and inextricably connected to each other.” Toper Taylor

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” Nikola Tesla

“When we set or send an intention, we are radiating targeted energy to the interconnected Quantum Field.  With practice we improve the impact of the energy we omit, its frequency and vibration.” Toper Taylor

“Intention is a seed in consciousness.  If you pay attention to it, it has within it the means for its own fulfillment.  Intention has infinite organizing power, orchestrating countless details simultaneously.” Deepak Chopra


Origin of Consciousness

The origin of consciousness is debated between a phenomenon that occurs within our bodies and is unique to human beings, on one hand, to the possibility that there is an ever-present, universal consciousness which binds and influences all matter to which we connect, download, and upload energy and data, on the other hand.  Scientifically, the concept of humans tapping into a shared consciousness emanated from Quantum Physics.

What is Quantum Physics?

Quantum physics is the study of the interconnectivity of matter and energy at an atomic and subatomic level.  Quantum introduces the concept of the Quantum Field, an omnipresent vibrating field of energy and matter (Dirac, 1927). Entanglement and Superposition are unique characteristics of Quantum Physics.

What is Entanglement?

Entanglement is a phenomenon that occurs within a Quantum Field (Schrodinger, 1926) and is evidence of our interconnectedness where two or more particles become correlated. Entanglement is where one object can influence the other without respect to time and distance. 

What is Superposition?

Quantum Superposition is where particles and systems exist simultaneously in two or more states.  The double-slit experiment (Young, 1801) famously showed that a beam of light fired through a screen with two slits exemplified both wave and particle characteristics.  Superposition forces us to ask the question, does objective reality exist independent of our observation?

What is Entrainment?

Entrainment is the phenomenon whereby two systems become synchronized.  Entrainment and entanglement are similar constructs but are believed to be distinct. An example of human entrainment is when individual musicians gather to perform in a string quartet, their heartbeats, movements, and breathing patterns synchronize within minutes of starting their performance.