Quantum Theory

Quantum theory is a description of our world and universe based in physics and elegant mathematics. The phenomena that occur in a quantum world are eerily similar to those occurrences known as psychic phenomena or “psi” which include telepathy (mind to mind), precognition (foreknowledge of events), clairvoyance (information gained through extrasensory perception), and psychokinesis (mind to matter) (Radin, 2006).  The original conceptualization of psi was created by British psychologist Robert Thouless to explain an occurrence without a framework of origins or methods (Thouless, 1964). Psi is the first letter of the Greek alphabet and is pronounced “sigh.”  The Greek word psyche, according to Online Etymological Dictionary (www.etymonline.com) is the invisible animating principle that occupies and directs the physical body, the soul, mind, or spirit.  There are psi experiences in every culture and throughout history.  Quantum theory is relevant to understanding psi phenomena because our individual consciousness to connected to the universe, the quantum field.