Vision, Goals, Achieve

Everyone can achieve their goals.  First we must build images in our mind of what we want to achieve.  Then we need to broadcast that vision to the universe and act to fulfill the ambition. Edison and Marconi saw a world lit by electricity.  Gates and Jobs envisioned an electronically connected world.  Musk imagined clean energy transportation.  Mother Theresa saw a world without poverty, homelessness, and food for everyone.  Mandela saw a South Africa without racial segregation.  Henry Dunant created the Red Cross.  There is a theme in all of these intentional humans:  their goals and ambitions create a better world.  Act intentionally and selflessly and your own energy will radiate brilliantly.  This is slightly different that “The Secret” which promotes the law of attraction – ask and receive.  The greatest use of our energy is to help humanity and our environment to thrive.